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Blockchain Solutions

With a vast knowledge pool, our team can fulfill various Blockchain solutions. This is often not as simple as is sounds, as there are multiple factors involved in finding the solution, that works best for you. Have a look around, explore our different Solution types and get in touch with us to discuss the perfect solution for you!

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The perfect fit for financial institutions! Custom solutions which are developed using Corda are designed with privacy, security and compliance in mind. It's legally enforceable Smart Contracts can help reduce human error by automating the entire transaction. Furthermore, Cordas capabilities are grounded in legal construct and compatible with ISO 20022 and ISDA CDM.

Hyperledger Fabric

Hyperledger Fabric is intended as a foundation for developing solutions with a modular architecture. Its versatile design satisfies a broad range of industry use cases. It offers a unique approach to consensus that enables performance at scale while preserving privacy.


Developing Solutions on the Ethereum Blockchain has many advantages. The ecosystem is mature and it is still one of the most active Blockchain projects, thanks to it's fast deployment time, relatively low cost and the ability to work with Smart Contracts makes this the perfect option for smaller Businesses and Crypto native Start-Ups.

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Blockchain Security Services

No matter if you just finished your first Blockchain project, or you need additional eyes while deploying your solution, we can help you with a wide array of Blockchain Security Services. Learn more about this down below and contact us to discuss the details!


Blockchain Node & Network Security

With your consent we can try to attack your Blockchain Nodes and entire Network. This is a specialized and unique way of finding hidden weaknesses in your code and when the attacks have finished, we will put together a list of findings for you to implement changes around!

Threat Modeling

We can provide your Blockchain project with a detailed STRIDE-Threat Model complete with a list of potential threats, exploits and assist you with implementing our suggested changes! Learn more about this service, by contacting us today!

Blockchain System Testing

If it's your first time deploying a Blockchain, we can work together by testing your Network. Our expertise will reveal potential speed and security issues as well as overall reliability testing. This is the perfect solution for beginners and professionals and our friendly and expertly trained Team will gladly help you!

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Cryptocurrency Mining Solutions

Here you can learn about all of our Cryptocurrency Mining Solutions. We've been proud "Miners" ourselves for years and now we can provide solutions, with all the features our peers want and need.


Cloud Mining (early 2024)

We want to provide our customers with all the solutions they might need. 
As part of this initiative, we began the R&D process in late 2022. While still being in the early stages of development, we project to finish with our first dedicated cloud-mining-facility in early 2024. 
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Get in touch with us today and learn how we can elevate and list your business to the 21st century! When filling out this form, think about what your expectations for your custom solution might look like. Our talented sales team will usually reply within 3 working days to discuss if and how we can help!

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