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The Benefits of Alpine Blockchain

There are many suppliers for products that have to do with the technology of blockchain, such as cloud mining, helium mining and deep learning. So why should you decide for Alpine Blockchain?

We will not try to persuade. We simply show you which features makes us unique and cannot be replaced by alternatives.

1. Service

We offer a direct and personal customer service for advice and assistance.

Direct service: Because no software will presort your request first, but a member of our team will take care of you right from the start.

Personal service: Each request is individual. Regardless of whether individual product advice or assistance for any kind of questions. We advise you personally about our products because we know our customers and services best.

2. One company -> one location

We are to 100% based in Austria and thus strengthen the Austrian economy. In this way, we contribute to the establishment of Industry 4.0 and the advancement of digitalization in Austria.

However, a location does not mean that we only operate within one field of activity. We are an Austrian company, which operate internationally and not only appreciated international cooperation, but considers it necessary. International partners not only make our services more diverse, but also offer more opportunities for our customers.

3. Security and traceability for customers

As we are an Austrian company, which operates exclusively from Austria, we are also subject to Austrian law. This fact not only gives you as a customer security and the possibility of an easy traceability of our actions, but also makes it easier and possible to know which laws you are entitled to. In this way, we act in compliance with DSVGO and can also guarantee that you are protected by Austrian law.

4. Fair working conditions

Satisfied customers are only possible with satisfied employees, as the employees established the connection between you and us. Fair working conditions and even an environment for further development are not only the foundations for satisfied employees, but also for a successful business-customer relationship.

5. Fair price

In that case, the phrase: “The mix makes the difference” fits.

Of course, there are cheaper offers, but also more expensive ones. However, we believe that in addition to profit, more aspects should be important for a company. For example, we do not outsource to low-cost wage countries in order to maximize profits, but consciously strengthen our location in our own country. We want to offer our employees a pleasant and fair working environment and a profession with perspective. And above all, we want to offer you, our customers, the best service and unique products. But this is only possible through a certain price, because our goods and our services also have an added value. However, we are not asking for an astronomically high price, because we have to stay on the ground of facts. Margin must be taken into account by every profit-seeking company, but they must remain in a range appropriate to the customer. After all, we want to offer you a fair price for a fair service.

6. One-Stop shop

This primarily affects the company itself. One-stop shop = OSS is the possibility to use an electronic portal, which makes it possible to pay the VAT due in the EU. Therefore, registration in the respective Member State in which the turnover or a part of the turnover was generated is not necessary. The offsetting of VAT is thus always done via Austria. The result is a lower administrative burden.

All good things are three, they say. With us there are even 2x3 of good aspects and we are convinced that it is precisely these characteristics that makes us unique and differentiate us from alternatives.

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